2017. november 27., hétfő

Rey Episode 8 Lightsaber

Condition: Acid-Aged (Weathered) 
Scale: 1:1 fullscale
Soundmodul:Prizm Sound Module V5
Soud Font:Graflex TFA HD_Plecter
Loudspeaker: 3W Bass Speaker 
mini d.a.c amplifier for louder sound
Courrent Soupply:  Li-ion 18500 3.7V 800 mAh 
Bluetooth R.I.C.E. module 
(for full control over Plecter RICE sound board via PC or mobile phone) 
- Bluetooth Audio Transmitter 
(for transmitting saber sounds to remote Bluetooth speakers)
Collimator Lens 8.7 deg viewing angle
 Focusing Crystal Chamber with 2LUX BLUE
(BLUE Aura Quartz Crystal)
Recharge port 2.1mm,
Kill switch
 Dysplay box &  Plaque