"There is no death, there is the Force!"

My name is Roland Palotai. I was born in 1974 in Budapest Hungary. At that time our country has been ruled by the dark side, it was called socialism. It was a terrible cage for all the open minded individuals here, who would like to live their fantasy, to satisfy their need of art and creativity. Was a great blessing to see a movie like Star Wars, where the teacher is not a crazy vampire from the school, but rather George Lucas and his new hope. As a creative mind I have graduated in the Artschool Budabest, Hungary - after that started to work in the fashion life of Hungary. After a couple of years of work with fashion magazines and agencies as a photographer, I have managed to make shoots for famous brands in this industry like Cosmopolitan, Max, CKM, Elite. Being a young and curious man, my inner drive lead me abroad. Had projects in Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Italy. Still in the fashion industry, making photos in 1999-2000, have managed to work in USA, New York and Miami. In 2001, I have returned back to Hungary and start again my former love: painting, in Budapest. In 2005 I have been joined Tony & Guy and participated in making their World Wide marketing campaign. After spending years of the rush of fashion life, I felt that I should have a bit of rest, it was 2006. I have stepped back and start thinking my life over. Should achieve and start living an old dream of mine: building Lightsabers! Making the lightsaber is the perfect meditation and relaxation for me. My ambition to present a lightsaber like an artwork. As a Jedi would be doing.


All the sabers are handled as a piece of art. Handmade and unique!

All the Sabers are made by hand. I believe that the human works gives the heart and soul of our lightsabers.

These special unique masterpieces are built following the oldschool style, like in the former movie episodes where old rare object parts has been used, and a 3D montage gave the base of the Saber.

Important for us to create Sabers as close to those seen in the movie episodes as they can be! Same materials, original parts, matching treatment to atchieve the perfect look and feel!

Because of this special techniques and carefully picked parts, a handcrafted Rolightsaber is not only an object, it has its own spirit, and when holding in your hands, you can feel the force around you!

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