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The Last Jedi Rey Broken Lightsaber

After the battle, Ren offered Rey a place at his side as the new Supreme Leader of the First Order, which she refused and attempted to take her lightsaber back by way of the Force. The two simultaneously pulled at the weapon, trapping it between them as they expended powerful Force energy to reclaim it. The strain cracked the weapon's hilt in two and released a surge of energy that knocked the two combatants back, rendering Ren unconscious. Rey escaped with the pieces of the more than fifty-year-old relic and took them with her when she joined the Battle of Crait. During the battle, Luke Skywalker stepped onto the battlefield, appearing to wield his father's lightsaber against Kylo Ren, though this was actually an illusion brought about by a Force projection sent by Skywalker from Ahch-To through the power of the Force. The shards of the actual lightsaber remained on the Falcon with Rey. After Leia spoke with Rey telling her that "They had all they needed", this inspired her as the last of the Jedi to repair the lightsaber.[3]

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