2010. március 23., kedd

The birth of Vanquisher

All my life I always wanted the best for a lightsaber.
Now that I have some time and we put aside the other things to deal with the creation of one of the Lightsaber.
The VANQUISHER a long meditation and a lot of "luck" that the outcome really enjoyed doing.
The hilt is ready, or not?

Speaker integrated, without sound hole.

30mm machine gun bullets from the Second World War.

30mm Exogerized fibronic container for the battery.

Vibro moto and Primary crystal integrated.

Details of the dream factory.

The beginning of the assembly parts.

2 more things Recharge port and Kill switch.

There is no place more.

Cyan lux III STAR

And to flux.

ZALMAN Thermal adhesive KIT

Their own production of HEATSINK.

Almost ready.

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