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"A Consular is a specialized kind of Jedi. They focus more on cerebral Force skills. They're our healers, our researchers, our seers."
Zayne Carrick[src]

Jedi Consular was the title of one of three distinct branches which a member of the Jedi Order could decide to study under following their ascension to the rank of Jedi Knight, the other two being Jedi Guardian and Jedi Sentinel. Led by the Council of Reconciliation, the Consulars sought diplomatic measures in spreading peace and harmony across theGalactic Republic. Refraining from drawing their lightsabers (many Consulars wielded green lightsabers[1]) except as a measure of last resort, Consulars spent a great deal of time studying the mysteries of the Force.[3] A Consular's role in the Jedi Order had remained largely consistent throughout its history but was first written down by the Consular Jedi Seer Sabla-Mandibu in the text, The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force.

Condition: Acid-Aged  Weathered) 
Scale: 1:1 fullscale
Soundmodul:Nano Biscote V1 
Loudspeaker:  2W Bass Speaker 
Courrent Soupply:  Li-ion 3.7V 1400 mAh 
Blade: Led "Corbin style" Show blade 1"OD 32 inches
Led Emitter: LED Engin LZ4 10W Single Color Green
Number of Die:4
Dimensions (LxWxH, mm):7.0 x 7.0 x 4.3
Nominal Drive Current (mA):700
Maximum Drive Current (mA):1200
Thermal Resistance (°C/W):1.1
Max Junction Temperature (°C):
150°C (125°C for red)
Collimator Lens 8.7 deg viewing angle
 Focusing Crystal Chamber with  Green Led
(Green Quartz Crystal)
LARGE Vibro moto
Recharge port 2.1mm,
Kill switch
 Dysplay Box  
Price: SOLD

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