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OBI WAN the PHANTOM menace

OBI WAN the PHANTOM menace lightsaber

Condition: NEW
Scale: 1:1 fullscale
Soundmodul:Nano Biscotte (a.k.a. NB) v2.0
Loudspeaker:  2W Bass Speaker 
Courrent Soupply:  Li-ion  3.7V 300 mAh 
Blade: Led "Corbin style" Show blade 3/4"OD 32 inches
Led Emitter: LED Engin LZ4 10W Single Color Blue
Number of Die:4
Dimensions (LxWxH, mm):7.0 x 7.0 x 4.3
Nominal Drive Current (mA):700
Maximum Drive Current (mA):1200
Thermal Resistance (°C/W):1.1
Max Junction Temperature (°C):
150°C (125°C for red)
Collimator Lens 5 deg viewing angle
Extras:Primary Crystal Chamber LUX Blue Led
(Aqua Aura Quartz Crystal)
Power level indicator 
Recharge port
Kill switch
Dysplay BOX


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