2016. január 15., péntek

LUKE ROTJ V3 Lightsaber The Force Awakens

This saber was made in an "old school" way, 
like all of our unique 1/1 saber.
 This is what I like the most, when I can make new things from
the items and parts what I can find from 

the past (cca 1920) and give
them new meaning in a new shape so they are living on.
I wanted this V3 - which not a lot of sabersmith are making -
to have a very old looking internal system, so that's why there's
not much of screws there, but I've chosen the harder way by
soldering it like the old brass lighters. This is my idea of how
would the internals look like in a Jedi master's lightsaber from the
old school, who had to simplify everything, 

because of the passing time
 and lack of parts. He made it to be perfect, 

even without the advanced
technology of the old but more modern era,
by leaving out all the unnecessary extras.

Condition: used like by Luke Skywalker
Scale: 1:1 fullscale
Soundmodul:Nano Biscotte (a.k.a. NB) v2.0
Soud Font: Hero CFV5
Loudspeaker:  2W Bass Speaker 
Courrent Soupply:  Li-ion  3.7V 1400 mAh 
Blade: Led "Corbin style" Show blade 3/4"OD 32 inches
Led Emitter: LED Engin LZ4 10W Single Color green
Number of Die:4
Dimensions (LxWxH, mm):7.0 x 7.0 x 4.3
Nominal Drive Current (mA):700
Maximum Drive Current (mA):1200
Thermal Resistance (°C/W):1.1
Max Junction Temperature (°C):
150°C (125°C for red)
Collimator Lens 5 deg viewing angle
Extras:Primary Crystal Chamber LUX green Led
(green Quartz Crystal)
Recharge port 2.1mm,
Kill switch
Dysplay BOX


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