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Starkiller TFU2 Lightsaber

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Saber full assembly and paint  Price:US $500.00
DUBLE STYLE                      Price:US $900.00

Introducing Cerakote Elite
NIC Industries proudly introduces Cerakote Elite, the World Class Leader in thin film ceramic coating. We've taken the industry leading performance of Cerakote H-Series to the next level and improved hardness, abrasion resistance and lubricity, all in a thinner application. We have accomplished this by developing an advanced resin technology that enables the incorporation of the highest performance engineered ceramics.

The STARKILLER TFU2 is the first Limited Edition lightsaber completely made with CNC production by Rolightsaber. We have chosen the best aluminium available, it is the 6082ALMGSI1, using this high quality material we don’t have to take any compromise – the result lightsaber could be that we have dreamt of.
Beside the CNC production we have put a lot of manual work and accuracy finishing into every piece to get the same high quality that you would expect from a handmade Rolightsaber.

The strong base of 10 years experience in making lightsabers has helped from the beginning of design and construction, and all along in production. To avoid becoming a mass production object without soul, used a lot of hand work and we have updated our machine park with not the cutting edge digital machines, but hand controlled tools of old times and experts – giving every Saber an unprepeatable feeling, a spiritual base
With the help of highly respected old master specialist in metalworks – trusting their wisdom and experience – we can create the saber combining the hightech and the oldschool handwork. 


After the CNC machining and the hand finnishing every piece is specially hand polished, which takes 4-5 hours per saber. At the end, they are anodised, in the way getting covered with a long lasting coat, with the desired look and feel.

In the field of electronics we have developed a lot of new features, according to the big inner space there are a lot of possibilities:
My personal favourite is that the sound can be sent to any home bluetooth capable device (Bluetooth2 for JBL or standard bluetooth speakers)!You can order as an extra the D.A.C amplifier for louder sound
And bluetooth1 for R.I.C.E.™ (Real-Time Internal Configuration Editor™) , so you can edit the settings of the saber in real time, from your mobile!

Our dream and goal was to make a perfect quality product to realize and make it feelable one of my favourite SW character’s lightsaber.

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