2011. február 10., csütörtök

End of the Trials. Balázs Ott First Lightsaber.

3D Plans
First steps, making the central tube’s chamfer
Placing the blade holder inside it
the blade holder with the spacer ring
the lower half of the central tube, the screws will be hidden

the first assembly
Pommel 2.5

Assembly with the pommel and the accessories
crystal holder 1.0 with the first led inside it
assembled holder (this was rejected)
recharge port with the sound holes for the second speaker
lower half of the hilt with the new crystal holder
new copper crystal holder
making the cutout for the crystal chamber

the belt mount

milling out the place for the vibro motor
wiring up the crystal holder’s leds, and vibro motor
the first test
the hasbro soundcard ready for joining
the spagetti picture about my sword J
after the painting, the final assembly
inside the crystal chamber
Ready for the blade

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