2011. február 1., kedd

My first Padawan ready for the Trials

First of all, my name is Balázs Ott.

I was born in 1991, just after the end of the communism in Hungary, this time is a new beginning.
I always liked fictional things and science. My first contact with the star wars universe was in 1994 when I first saw the movies. I was impressed by the films, but this faded over time.
I finished high school in 2009 where I learned IT.
Besides high school, I chose a way of sword play, I was a fencer for four years.
I started the university in 2009 in the Budapest Tech,Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
In 2010 I met with Roland Palotai who revived the flame in me for Star Wars.
We are teaching each other in several ways. He teaches me to be patient, the art of lightsaber making, he’s my master in several meaning.

Under his command, I think I’m ready for the trials.

The Jedi Trials, also known as the Trials of Knighthood, Jedi rituals, or Jedi ceremonies, were the challenges by which JediPadawans were given as pre-requisites for achieving Knighthood, and were sometimes retaken by Knights to earn the rank of Jedi Master. The trials were administered by the Jedi High Council to any Padawan they deemed worthy of becoming a Jedi. The primary trials were a set of five, and were the Trial of Skill, the Trial of Courage, the Trial of the Flesh, the Trial of Spirit, and the Trial of Insight. In addition, the Council could assign substitute tests or use an exceptionally trying mission in place of the traditional tests. Like the Initiate Trials, these tests were required to be taken in order to proceed to the next rank in the Jedi Order.

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